Monday, April 22, 2013


The last few weeks have felt very disjointed.  I seem to be going from one thing to another without achieving any sense of completion.  I have felt rather fragmented and need to gather myself back together.  I do notice that my best days are those following a night of enough rest, and I should really accept and remember how important that is.  Last night I spent some time reading in bed, got almost eight hours of sleep and actually felt like starting my day with some physical activity this morning (and did so).  What a welcome change of pace.  It is a powerful thing to reach a place of feeling most like myself and the me I want to be.  I wish to achieve and maintain that.  I wish this for everyone.  What strength we would all have!  

In other news, a week or two ago, I found a blog that I was inspired to follow called Our Freaking Budget.  Have fun exploring the tabbed sections along the top of the page.  I find Joanna & Johnny to be relatable, genuine and funny, and couldn't help but overindulge myself in all of their enjoyable stories when I first happened across them.  Another blog to check out: Neon Fresh.  Roo is quite entertaining.  And I appreciated her recent post about turning 30.  

A quote: 
"I am.. a firm believer in disruptive change as a positive force. ... When you tear up your life, it forces you 
to embrace the idea that you can become someone better than who you used to be."  
-- from Michelle's post on Remodelista

Also, watch this.

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