Thursday, June 19, 2014

Joshua, Giselle & Tiara

Today's goodness brought to you by a good night's sleep + bringing music back into my life.  

Who knew that hanging out at the mall after an 11-hour work day could be so great?  Met Joshua from Mississippi via Chicago, 1-month-new to Houston, glad to be in an open-minded, diverse community.  Giselle had a story behind every chocolate treat.  Tiara practically rapped all the pretzel options & prices, she knew her stuff so well and totally owned it.  

Yay for interacting with the beautiful people of the world!  


Monday, June 9, 2014

How lucky can she get

Just realized tonight.  I am that helpless child again, crushed within an unpredictable environment with no control.  Always on edge, anticipating the next upset.  Doing my best to survive and assist and unite, but unable to stave off the slithering disapproval, unrelenting dissatisfaction.  The similarities are clarifying.  And this time.. what will I do this time.