Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I make smoothies almost every day.  A pitcher-full of thick, slurp-able goodness.  Oftentimes they are aesthetically unappealing, a dark greenish-brown concoction.  I get most excited when they turn out a surprisingly bright green, or dark red, or even orange.  I think each one is beautiful.  I am aware of the life-giving elements whirled together in its creation.  They are always delicious, except for that one time MusicMan thought it would be fine to throw some tomatoes in.  Today I started adding fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

The cool smoothness is enjoyable, but sometimes I just need to crunch and munch.  Last night I finished off the banana chips.  Today I was rummaging the pantry again.  In between and after my two pints of goodness today, munchies have consisted of: grape tomatoes, roasted macadamia nuts, dark chocolate, mini Altoids, blue corn chips, microwave popcorn.  Now I only have one mini-bag left, then I can start using my Whirley Pop.  Had TJ's crescent rolls for lunch, filled with pepperoni leftover from pizza party night, jalapeno, mozzarella & diced mushrooms.  My stomach doesn't quite know how to handle today's hodge-podge.  I was supposed to sauté the rest of the mushrooms tonight, with garlic and spinach.  Perhaps I will be less crunch-craving tomorrow.  

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