Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was stuck in barely-crawling traffic, starving, hoping to make it home in time for World News with Diane Sawyer, wishing I'd gotten my granola bar out of my bag before tossing it in the now unreachable trunk, when my eyes fell upon a sticker on the truck in front of me.  It stated, "Nuttier than a squirrel's turd."  I scrunched up my nose, which made me think of the Grey Squirrel song from Girl Scout days.  At least I didn't feel so hungry anymore.  I'll have to pass the phrase along to Music Man; I'm sure he'll enjoy incorporating it into conversation somehow.

I marveled at how many people live out on the northwest side of town, "so far away".  The long, curving exit ramp that takes me to 290 was backed up immediately upon exiting the Beltway, and the next seven miles until home can take 30 minutes (that's a fun 14mph average).  Sure enough, a half hour later I had finally escaped from the highway.  After sitting in line at the light for a minute or so, I noticed it right there in front of me: the Nutty Truck, again.

I am just now remembering how I was almost in an accident when my journey home first began, and that was before I had even made it onto the highway.  There were two left turn lanes, of which I was in the right lane, where one can either turn left or go straight.  As I was turning, the car to my left apparently wanted to go straight, and almost rammed into my side.  We'd been moving slowly enough that I wasn't sure if there had been any impact or not.  We both pulled over to check it out, and thankfully it was fine.  She said, "I don't think you were supposed to turn left."  Actually, she wasn't supposed to go straight from a left-turn only lane.  Ah well, that was just the beginning of a nutty ride home.

On another note, today I am considering myself a savvy shopper.  I got a nice pair of pants and a soft drapey t-shirt for only $23.70 total -- less than the full price of the shirt alone.

Almost as good as the $26 I saved on these shoes a few days ago:

Today's thunderstorm is finally blowing through right now.  I was expecting it all day, but am glad it waited out the evening commute.  There was a decent downpour on Easter Sunday afternoon, too, and I realized how much I had missed the sound of splattering rain and thunder's endless rumbling & roaring.


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    1. me too :) I think I wore it four times before finally washing it.. so comfy. I want to fill my closet with similar items, but less stripes.