Saturday, May 4, 2013

surprise visits

Favorite moment from our day of yard work:
     Music man crouched down in front of me to trim a particularly thick bush-branch that I was unable to cut through.  A ladybug suddenly zipped by and landed on his hat.  A couple seconds later, a monarch butterfly flitted right between us, letting me admire it before flying away over the roof.  I turned back, and the ladybug was gone.

Perhaps they were playing tag, or hide-and-seek.. just enjoying the breezy sunshine together.  Celebrating warmth after the record-low temperatures this morning.  A gleeful Ladybug and carefree Butterfly.

Our animated neighbor from across the street, Juan, also stopped by unexpectedly, ringing the doorbell at 8:30pm with two plates full of leftovers from his wife's baby shower.  "You know Latin people, they always bring so much food!"  

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