Sunday, May 26, 2013


The past several days have continuously surprised me with 1s.  The first day it happened, I think, was in my kitchen - I happened to look at the time on the oven.  It read 11:11.  I don't know why or exactly where this action originated, but at some point in my younger days it became a custom to kiss my finger to my lips, place it on the time display, and make a wish -- but only whenever it reads all 1s.  Well later that same day, after finishing whatever I was doing while paying no attention to the time, I walked back to the kitchen (hadn't been since) and noticed that the clock now read 1:11.  Since then, it has happened in some form just about every day, sometimes twice a day.  Catching me by surprise in moments where I was not thinking about numbers at all, not wondering if it might happen again, not looking for such a reoccurrence.  In the kitchen at another family's house while I was babysitting -- 1:11.  Happened to look at my odometer while driving to the grocery store: 1.11 miles.  There have been a few other instances that I cannot recall at the moment.  I've considered writing this post several times lately, but eventually shrug it off.

This morning I finally decided to check out my cousin's business page on Facebook, which has existed for over a year.  I was so tired that I chose to mindlessly yet thoroughly click through all posts and photos back to the beginning.  Clicked on a link to his fundraising page for a bike ride he did, and his goal was $1,111!  Tonight I am going through some of my iTunes library to decide if I can delete any songs, or at least rate them and add to playlists so it's a little more organized.  I opened up the column browser, which I pretty much never ever use, and scrolled down to the R&B section to see what was in there.  Listened to Al Green's greatest hits and was halfway through the best of Aretha Franklin when I saw the bottom of my iTunes window: 199 items, 10.8 hours, 1.11 GB.

What does it mean???

It is ever-present, following me.

I feel like it is the universe reminding me of its wonder, telling me, "The time is now."  Spurring me into action.  Time to make your wishes come true.

I'm also anxious that it's some sign meaning my days are numbered.

But really, both of the above are always true.  I don't need happenstance to tell me that.

Double rainbow all the way... 


  1. And yes, the next song in the queue was "Respect". And it is 11:11 as I came back to my blog to write this comment -- not intentional on my part. :/ :O :D ?

  2. ohmygosh... a friend just tagged me and Musicman in a photo on FB.. I hovered over the link to Musicman's name and it says we have 111 mutual friends. ..........

  3. Just watched the sneak peak of a new BBC show Orphan Black. iTunes had offered it as a free download. So I just looked the show up on Netflix. "Average of 111 ratings: 4.3 stars"